BEAUTIFULLY WRAPPED –THE FASHION, TRADITION & SPIRITUALITY OF HEADWRAPPING is an exhibition that uses the global art of headwrapping as a way to explore the intersection of faith, fashion and culture through art.  We ask essential questions about culture, society and the inner lives of individuals. In our contemporary world of social upheaval and religious conflict, this exhibition represents a beam of light.


The original mini-version of Beautifully Wrapped is an emerging series of 26 photographs exploring the beauty and practice of headwrapping around the globe.  The series is created as a traveling exhibition and designed as a universally accessible visual arts experience for museum, cultural center and gallery audiences.  Hands-on workshops and collaborative academic and cultural programming are available with installations.

The emerging exhibition features photographs by:
Alvyn Maranan & Mohammed Langston; Eve Rivera; David Young; Sarah R. Larson; Aisha Haji-Jama; Adrian Asim; Abdul-Aziz; Halima Salah.  

Twenty-six (26) images. 18″x18″.

About the Curator
Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, M.A
.  is an anthropologist and community proclaimed headwrapologist.
 Headwraps have been a part of her signature look for over 20 years, and she’s studied and taught on the culture and techniques of headwrapping  for the past seven years.  She’s traveled extensively in Africa and the Middle East, always picking up a new wrap as she goes.

Required Space
75 to 100 linear feet.

Loan Fee
A  loan fee applies to this exhibition and is based on the loan period requested. Please contact for details. The participating institution will be required to pay insurance and two-way shipping costs.

Loan Period
4-12 weeks

All tour venues will be contractually required to carry appropriate and adequate wall-to-wall insurance coverage and to provide suitable documentation of such prior to shipment to that venue.

Security, environmental and fire systems required. Facility report must be provided.

Companion Publication
Beautifully Wrapped Annual Calendar

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem

Curator, Beautifully Wrapped
Niyah Publishing



We won!  In 2016, Beautifully Wrapped was pleased to be awarded a Knight Arts Challenge Grant. Our exhibit shall now include photography; video statements by members of the Sikh, Muslim, Jewish,, Hebrew Israelite, Christian, African and Hare Krishna communities; historical and cultural artifacts; textiles and headwraps on mannequins.

Compelling photographs, iconic objects, historical and cultural artifacts, multimedia presentations by members of headwrapping communities, textiles and graphic displays offer visitors to BEAUTIFULLY WRAPPED an eye-opening and engaging opportunity to delve deeper into some of the world’s cultures.

In addition, we are developing supplementary community programming exploring the historical changes in the meanings of dress, cultural assimilation and discrimination.