Call for Submissions



Beautifully Wrapped is pleased to announce our call for entries to the 2018 Beautifully Wrapped Wall Calendar.

Open submission calling for engaging, visually striking and inspiring work featuring individuals in headwraps and head coverings. Selected work will be exhibited in the Beautifully Wrapped Calendar  and/or the companion nationwide touring exhibition opening in 2018 and supported by the Knight Foundation.
Requirements: Full Color or Black and White photographs that depict a woman/women, man/men, or a family in a headwrap, headscarf, khimar, tichel, etc. Our goal is to highlight the multitude of beautiful ways people of various ethnic backgrounds cover their hair for cultural, traditional, or religious reasons. We want to see examples of people wrapped at the office, at a dinner party, at a concert, walking the dog, however!  For the calendar, we feature portraits.

How to Enter:  Submissions must be at hi-res and a min 300 dpi in either jpg , raw, or tiff format. Submit via email to You may submit up to 5 photographs.

FILES TO BE NAMED AS: surname_initial_#.jpeg
EXAMPLE: El-Amin_Z_01.jpeg, El-Amin_Z_02.jpeg, El-Amin_Z_03.jpeg


  1. Prepare and name image files.
  2. Write an artist statement/ description — maximum 50 words
  3. Include in your email with images
    • Your Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Photographer’s Name (if different)
    • Model’s Name
    • A Brief Description of no more than 50 words describing the model or photograph.
    • READ and include This EXACT sentence: “I assert that I own the rights to this photograph and I am submitting it of my own will for consideration of inclusion in Beautifully Wrapped publications and events.  I understand that I will receive no payment and have not rights to any of the proceeds of any printed publication, now or in perpetuity.”

Deadline:  July 1, 2017

Again, Each entrant should be in full possession of copyright for images.

Selection: You will be notified in mid-July if you have been selected. 12 photos will be selected for inclusion in the calendar. Other photos may be considered for a larger traveling exhibition and companion book. All artists will be fully recognized with printed description include artist and link.

For a good cause: Proceeds from this annual calendar go to support our educational program in Sierra Leone.