I’m Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, founder of Beautifully Wrapped. I am a Michigan based anthropologist who blended my love for Headwrapping with my love of culture and the world to form something that I hope you enjoy!

Beautifully Wrapped is an international, interfaith organization that brings together people of all cultures and ethnicities to showcase the art form of headwrapping as a way to promote beauty, spiritual identity and holistic health and healing. We endeavor to inspire, enlighten, and empower women of all walks of life through education, publications, media, and fashion.

In 2011, I coined the phrase “Headwrapology” to merge anthropologist and headwraps.  The ladies I train are called Headwrapologists 🙂

Projects include a wall calendar and companion traveling exhibition celebrating the beauty and splendor of headwraps.  Each year, we select 13 photos from an international pool of photographs submitted by professional and amateur photographers.  These images feature an eclectic and diverse array of people — from students in the United Arab Emirates, to community activists in Chicago — all of whom enjoy adorning their heads with cloth.

Beautifully Wrapped presents the beauty, power, and global influences of headwrapping and highlights women of all backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity or religion who love the art.

The Calendar also serves as a fundraising tool for our work in girl and women empowerment.   We originally began with in order to support 10,000 Girls, a non-profit based in Senegal founded by Dr. Viola Vaughn.  Proceeds from sales will help us formalize a 501c3 tax-exempt organization to expand our word in Sierra Leone.  Our social goals are to organize, encourage, and advance women and their families globally through education, economic opportunities and cross-cultural exchanges.

With each tuck, pull, fold and pin, wrapping has the unique ability to transform not only your look, but your spirit.  -Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, Curator and Headwrapologist



Founded in 2011 with the publication of a simple wall calendar to support 10,000 Girls, a Senegalese Education Program. We now have The Headwrap Expo, annual calendar and traveling exhibition.